Chain of Giving

So excited to be writing my first blog message today to launch our Chain of giving campaign!

I photograph newborn and babies of all ages every day. I catch their smile and their innocent happiness in the magic time machine called photography. My heart explodes with passion for our tinniest humans that give us witness every day to the miracle of pure love and innocent joy. I am grateful for every each parent that has trusted me and I am happy to capture these stories not only for you, but for the family members that will come after you.

In the name of my gratitude, it’s time now to give back to those that are giving me every day the opportunity to work with my greatest passion. I am launching today the campaign #ChainOfGiving and I invite all of you to participate!

#ChainOfGiving campaign will offer every month one free photo shoot for families with a newborn baby struggling in some way: financial, health-wise, or just had a rough time bringing their baby into this world. I invite all of you to look around at your family and circle of friends and nominate the people you believe you would make happy. Send their story anonymously (or not) at and every month we will choose a family to gift them with a photo shoot. By participating in this campaign you will give the chance to someone to creating beautiful memories, put a smile on their face and keep the chain of gratitude growing